Oxford University Library Services:

There are almost a hundred libraries in Oxford, with differing subject coverage, admission policies and opening times. The largest is the Bodleian Library, the central research library of the University. The Bodleian covers all subject areas and is spread over a number of different sites. The Bodleian offer access to in-depth research level collections on a reference-only basis. The extensive printed and manuscript collections in the Bodleian have developed over the centuries and cover all subject areas. As a Copyright Library the Bodleian receives a very large proportion of UK material through legal deposit.
Alongside the Bodleian Library, there exists a system of faculty and departmental libraries. Admissions policies to college libraries vary depending on the individual college.

The Application Process:

Detailed information on library card renewals and the application can be found online at the following address:
For the first time applications and renewal of library access, please complete the attached form in full, including your statement of research need on page 2.
In support of your application, you must bring proof of identity and proof of permanent address. For acceptable forms of academic identification please refer to our website:
It is not necessary to book an appointment for admission, and the Bodleian Libraries Admissions Office is open Monday – Friday (9am – 4:30pm) and Saturday 10am – 1:30pm). The Admission Office does not usually require readers to submit application forms as PDF files and supporting documents in advance. Readers must be admitted in person. However, cards are able to be printed at the same time as admission, allowing for immediate access to the libraries.
For further information about the admission process please call 01865 277180, or contact us via email Alternatively, write to us at Bodleian Libraries’ Admissions Office, Research and Learning Support, Weston Library, Broad Street, OX1 3BG.

The Admission Form

Download Bodleian Libraries Admission Form below: